Saturday, October 1, 2016

syrian war crawler using python and flask

hey everybody...
i have started this new project, coding an application to crawl a forum and find some post's, save them and then create a website to show those post's.
i wish i were able to do it, because it's a rather big project for a starter like me, and in the other hand, i don't know how to do all this! :)

so this live coding video series that i have started, i hope it will help me gain real world hand's on programming skills....

what i learn using this project:

         - Python programming
         - English Speaking!
         - using Github
         - using Emacs
         - using GNU/Linux (Ubuntu) and it's terminal!
         - using Databases

                  - web scraping
                  - flask
                  - AI using python
                  - using databases with python

so here is the playlist on youtube!
and here is the link on github

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